GMA Quatro Noria. 2010

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Chesse boxes prodiction line
Quatro Noria GMA.
Year: 2010-2012
QUATRO-NORIA production line is dedicated to the manufacturing of round drawn 

  • cardboard boxes for spreadable cheese triangles.
  • Deep drawing machine QUATRO works with four punching heads for the making of lids and bottoms.
  • Assembling machine NORIA makes two operations:
  • positioning and gluing of collars      
  • closing of boxes (lid positioning)
  • Connexion between QUATRO and NORIA is made by two air conveyors.
    Closed boxes are stacked in outfeed loader.
  • Capacity of QUATRO-NORIA : up to 100 boxes / min


Veröffentlicht in Packaging


Fully Automatic paper plate making machine
GMA Packaging Machinery
Year: 2012
Maximum depth of paper plates 15 -20 mm
Paper density 250 – 360 gsm.
Capacity 80 paper plates/min
Weight 2 tons
Power consumption electricity : 14 kWh/
compressed air : 5 m³h at 6 bars.

Still in production
Test possibleAvailable immediately      

Mold for Ø 230, Ø 180.
Counting and stacking units.

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